The Launch

Sooooooo, my friends and I did a thing. We started a sustainable clothing company in Boston called Looming Hope (Looming like making clothes but also eminent, get it? Ok, yup). Most people don’t realize that the clothing industry is the second biggest polluting industry in the world, behind only gas and oil. We are making an effort to diminish this detriment and spread the word about an avenue for change that is already available, however underutilized, in the textile industry. We are trying to change people’s way of thinking through well-made, comfortable clothing that carries along with it a very powerful message.

Our clothing is made entirely from recycled cotton and recycled polyester (rPET), with the recycled cotton coming from post-industrial scraps and the rPET coming from plastic bottles. This production process conserves a monumental amount water because the cotton in our products is already grown and dyed. Not only that, our products utilize waste and thereby keeps cotton and plastic out of landfills and important water sources.

Cotton is a thirsty, sensitive crop that requires a large amount of water, fertilizer and pesticides. Additionally, the dying process is incredibly malicious, requiring more water and creating voluminous water pollution. Sadly, Americans alone throw away 65 millions plastic bottles per day and individually about 85 pounds of textile waste per year. Our products help to reduce that water consumption and help keep that costly waste out of landfills, oceans and rivers.

Lastly, in an effort to extend our impact further, we’re giving a portion of our proceeds from sales to a private environmental support fund that we’ve set up called R.E.V.E.L (Redefining Ecological Value and Environmental Logistics). We’re hoping to inspire change and evolve unconsidered space like rooftops into environmentally viable green spaces.

While we are preparing to launch our label on a larger scale with new products, designs and completely blank attire to print for any business or event needs, please check out our website and the inaugural line we have available. Help us make a difference on this little home we call Earth.

Let’s do our part.